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She Shops Makeup | May 24, 2017

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Get Lucky on 28th Dec!

Are you ready for this??? Hold on tight to your seat because something awesome is coming to Paragon and Raffles City tomorrow!!






I have absolutely no clue what’s in the bag.. but if it’s worth $300, why not check it out?

I will definitely check it out tomorrow.. will you?


  1. NggakBisaGituDong

    OMG! It’s a jungle out there! LOL.

  2. She Shops Makeup

    Argh! It was sold out by the time I got to the store at 11.15am! I can’t believe this, as I was at Raffles City at 10am before the store was even open so I thought I would visit my chiropractor while waiting and when I got back…. Oh well.. might as well.. time to save money!

  3. NggakBisaGituDong

    OMG! Please blog about it and show us what’s in it! I live in Indonesia and can’t be in Singapore to grab a bag of my own! I’m dying with curiosity. We never get samples of anything in Indonesia because the store people keep samples and miniature gifts to themselves instead of giving them out to big spenders like they do in Singapore. Do they have services like in Singapore?

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