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She Shops Makeup | May 24, 2017

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Dior Vernis Couture Colour Gel Shine and Long Wear

Dior Vernis Couture Colour Gel Shine and Long Wear
Infinitely Fashion.
Infinitely Couture.
The New Dior Vernis Range…
First Gel-effect Couture Nail Polishes By Dior



This season, Dior decided to give their entire nail polish range a facelift. Yup, the entire current range of nail polishes have been reformulated and replaced with this new gel-effect formula. This re-invention aims to capture the entire essence of the Dior world in 24 shades – I believe some shades are new and not from the existing collection. The new formula firmly places Dior in the front row seats of luxury nail polish, with it’s edgy colours, extreme shine and ultimate wear. Best of all, these new nail polishes promises to coat nails in pure colour with a gel finish.



I have 4 of the 24 new shades to try. These were the matching ‘IT’ shades to the Dior Fluid Sticks which I featured previously. I have since bought another 2 shades – Junon and Palais Royale which I have yet to receive. Will pick them up from Sophia tomorrow! 😀




The 4 “IT” shades are:

  1. Mirage (338) – a delicate and seductive violet, as exhilarating as an exotic flower.
  2. Aventure (551) – a sunny coral, like a declaration of love to life, travel and adventure
  3. Wonderland (575) – a childlike, charming and carefree bubble gum pink
  4. Pandore (754) – a pure, dazzling red for Fashion Addicts with bold styles











Above swatches are without top coat.

A formula this awesome would of course require a reinvented Dior brush applicator for a maximised gel effect. The new brush is more flexible and perceptively longer with a rounded and flat shape. This makes the brush perfect, even for beginners.


When I first heard about the new formula and brush at the Dior event, all I could think of was.. “Dior polishes and brush are already top of the range, how much better can they get?”


My friends, if you loved the old Dior polishes, you will LOVE this new one even more! It will blow your mind away when you can almost see your own reflection from the nails.. ok I’m exaggerating a little, but you get the idea. The brush.. OMG! Don’t even get me started. This new brush is so soft and easy to use. I still sometimes have shivery hands when I apply nail polish, but if you can see from my swatches above, pretty good eh? It’s all in the formula and brush.


Last week, I wore Mirage out to meet an old friend from Scotland for lunch. He brought his daughters along and his 12 year old insisted I was wearing gel nails. First thing she asked was, are those gel nails, I assured her they were regular nail polish because she insisted that they had the texture of gel nails – her mom and aunt wear gel nails all the time! I was like “WOW” someone actually notices the extreme shine.


With regards to wear, I think this new formula is pretty long wearing. My nail polish survived almost a week, chip free and even the shine held on pretty well. I am definitely getting more of the polishes.. I might get Tra-La-La next because I realised I don’t own any baby pinks in my stash :p


These polishes are now available at all Dior counters for $38 each. Go pick up a few if you haven’t already done so 🙂

Review Overview

Value for money


You definitely need to pick up a few. This polish is PERFECT for nail polish addicts and noobs alike since application is a breeze

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