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She Shops Makeup | May 27, 2017

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Hello there, thanks for popping into my blog. My name’s Mabel. I am a banker by day, blogger by night. I love researching, shopping and trying out the different beauty products and looks that I can attempt to create from my makeup hauls – which by the way, is getting a little out of hand!

I never really paid too much attention to skincare or facials when I was younger because I was very fortunate to be blessed with zit-free skin. I used to be super proud that my makeup at 7pm would look just the same as it was at 7am when I first put it on. BUT.. low and behold, after I crossed the big 3-0, I started to spot laughlines, and all kinds of fine lines under the eyes *sob*. This was exactly what my mom had told me but I kept a deaf ear about proper moisturizing. Sometimes I wish I had slightly oily skin to combat those lines. Well, I just have to say that God is fair! Oily with zits – No lines, Normal/Dry without zits – Fine lines.

Anyway, I shall stop blabbering, this is just the “About Me” page, which I can’t possibly fill up enough. Just keep coming back to check my blog and we could exchange beauty tips so that this world would be filled with more beautiful people!