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She Shops Makeup | May 26, 2017

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A Sexy Valentine’s Day Tutorial

Hey everyone!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Valentine’s Day has always been one of those days where girls like to be seen to be pampered, either with bouquets of flowers or expensive gifts and dinners. I for one, isn’t too keen on Valentine’s Day. It is way too commercialized. You should spend everyday with your loved one like it’s Valentine’s Day all year round.

Nonetheless, I am sure many girls out there will be out on dates today. To some girls, it’s one of those “make or break” dates with their boyfriends. Something I never understood! Either way, I wanted to share with you a tutorial to create a really pretty smokey look that is both girly and sexy.


Inspiration for the look:

No one person in particular. I just wanted the look to be both girly (since it’s Valentine’s Day) and edgy (hence the dark grey smokey look).


Products used in the tutorial:


Tips to achieving this look:

  1. Take your time to blend out the grey, build up the color slowly rather than picking up a large amount of eyeshadow and over powering the eyelids
  2. Use a natural looking base, if possible, go with a slightly dewy base or tinted moisturizer. We want to maintain the healthy glow without looking like you have on tons of makeup
  3. Keep the blush and lips fairly light and neutral since the eyes are pretty dark


I hope this tutorial was helpful for you.

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So what will you be doing on Valentine’s Day and what makeup will you be wearing?


  1. She Shops Makeup

    @madlynny Thanks babe. Yup Vday is pretty overrated. I spent mine at the gym :p
    @amyrleex Thanks hun! 🙂

  2. amyrleex

    I like! 🙂

  3. madlynny

    ooo i like the transition! and i really like your eyes damn huge haha! not rocking any makeup for Vday cuz i’ll be working zzzz but then again Vday is just a day where businessmen make money out of everyone so….

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